GLISODIN SKIN NUTRIENTS to start your body slimming

Still trying to lose those last few stubborn pounds you gained over the holidays?  With Accent skin tightening and body slimming you can finally get the results you want and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Accent radiofrequency technology changes the shape of fat cells as well as shrinks and remodels connective tissue to make your skin look smoother and tighter.  This skin tightening procedure promotes collagen formation and skin remodeling by stimulating blood circulation and helps flush fatty deposits and toxins.

For optimal results, we have discovered that before starting your slimming treatments, you should detox your body first.  GliSODin Advanced Detoxification Formula is a 15 day detox that helps your body release harmful toxins that accumulate over time.  Toxins can include heavy metals, chemical toxins, microbial compounds, and bi-products of protein metabolism.  This detox promotes release of toxins through the liver, kidneys, intestinal tract and skin to promote optimum health.  The GliSODin Detoxification Formula contains potent antioxidants and botanical extracts to prepare the body to handle the rejuvenation and remodeling of the skin tightening treatments.

Why do GliSODin skin nutrients boast such amazing results?

GliSODin Skin Nutrients aim to provide the best internal support for skin health.  Each ingredient meets the highest standards of quality and is added at therapeutic doses to ensure optimum results.  The main ingredient that makes GliSODin Skin Nutrients superior to other supplements is SOD superoxide dismutase.  SOD, commonly known as the “enzyme of life”, catalyzes our natural antioxidant defense system, boosts immunity, and accelerated aging.  The production of SOD decreases with age, causing an increase in susceptibility to free radical damage, and thus makes GliSODin an essential supplement for maintenance of good health and well-being.
During your Accent slimming treatments it’s important to consume the Advanced Slimming Formula (powder mixed with water) for complete healthy weight loss and weight management.  By promoting lean muscle mass, controlling appetite and increasing fat metabolism, the Slimming Formula is safe and effective way to taking your slimming treatments to the next level.  It’s important to drink lots of water throughout your treatment to help flush all the toxins out of your system.
GliSODin Skin Nutrients now available at Pino’s salon & medispa


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