Home Colour Kits & Retail Product Delivery

On behalf of our team, I wanted to send out our best wishes in health and safety to all of our clients and community during this time. We understand that there are a lot of over grown hair roots out there, but please try not to create too many home experiments!

We ARE offering free delivery for retail products and our Home Colour Touch Up Kits once again during this lockdown to limit the amount of DIY “accidents”.

-There is free delivery on products orders over $50

-Orders under this amount will be charged $10

-Simply email us at reception@pinosalon.com or DM us through Instagram or Facebook.

Rich Chocolate brown by Jess Rocha

Colour Kits are $100 and Include:

-step by step instructions

-immediately ready to apply Kaaral colour (ammonia free)

-Kaaral Treatment (Restructure Intensive Treatment by Kaaral)

-application tools with gloves

***The colour needs to be applied to your roots immediately after drop off because we don’t want the colour to be oxidizing as it sits. We are currently only delivering to residents in the Waterloo region. We apologize to any of our clients outside of the region***


Beat The Skindemic!

By now it is safe to say we are all pretty tired of wearing our masks right? Of course we are! Since we know this will have to continue until who knows when, we’ve been learning to accept it. Although the masks protects us, they can really irritate our skin and in turn cause acne. This is why a new term has evolved in the name of “maskne” (mask-related acne).

Lets Get Technical

When you breathe or talk, your mask tends to trap in a lot of hot air. Besides being annoying, this air creates a warm, humid environment — and an ideal setting for yeast, bacteria and other flora, such as demodex (types of skin mites that naturally live on our skin), to grow. These bacterial imbalances and friction from your mask can promote acne and rosacea flare-ups as well as something called perioral dermatitis. This is when fine pimples and pustules appear around the nose and mouth.

Makeup or Facial Hair?
As long as you are not heavy handed with your application, applying makeup is fine. Topical treatments and sunscreen can help calm and balance the normal skin flora. A layer of moisturizer (lighter if you are oily or acne prone and thicker if you have sensitive or eczema-prone skin) or even a sunblock that contains zinc or titanium can help your skin by serving as a barrier against any friction or irritation that develops. For the guys with beards or moustaches it can be quite difficult to prevent the warmth from creating moisture under the mask. Thats why we recommend using a toner with alpha hydroxy acid to freshen your skin and prevent problems. Make sure to let your skin and facial hair dry off before putting your mask back on.

Book-In Your Maskne Facial

We are now providing a treatment facial specifically designed to take care of maskne! If this is something that is getting out of control for you or if you simply want to be proactive to prevent maskne, call (5195788898) or email us (reception@pinosalon.com) to book an appointment with one of our professionals.

We are Reopening!


We have been restructuring our schedule and the way we operate to accommodate the strict guidelines in this post-pandemic. Just as we are perfectionists with our crafts at Pino’s, we are determined to strive for perfection in disinfection and cleaning procedures so you will stay comfortable and safe as our guests.

Here are things that you should know and might notice during your “post quarantine visit”:

  • Masks are mandatory for all clients and staff at all times (We have extra masks and other necessary social distancing shields)
  • All beverages are suspended until further notice
  • We cannot accept walk-ins at this time (please call and book for proper screening)
  • Every service provider at Pino’s has been certified under the Professional Barbacide Sanitation Course
  • Although we were quite meticulous with our general salon & spa cleaning we have kicked it into 6th gear with disinfecting procedures
  • As you enter the the salon we will have the necessary screening methods at our sanitation station
  • We have our social distancing measurements in place (client-client and client-service provider distancing)
  • Extended our appointment times to take care of disinfecting procedures in between each client (tools, chairs, disposable capes, etc..)
  • In order to keep the numbers down in our salon, please avoid bringing along friends or family to your appointments at this time


We are very excited to be back at what we do and can’t wait to see our lovely clients!

Thank you,

Pino’s Salon Team


Beard Grooming Tutorial with @bruno_cherubino


Catch me Instagram Live on Thursday evening at 6pm sharp for a quarantine beard sacrifice!

I really didn’t know how long I was going to grow out my beard. Until this morning when I saw myself in the mirror:
 “If I let this go any longer I’m going to look like James Harden” OR… My girlfriend will wax it off in my sleep. The main purpose was to grow the beard for a video demonstration. The tutorial will give the guys at home a little hope for getting out of this quarantine without looking like they came out of a cave. I will go through two different beard style/lengths at 6pm Thursday May 14th. The first style length will be for the guys that would like to keep a lengthy shape to their beard. The second will be for the shorter clean cut looks like Drake in 2012.
Shaving on a mans face can be irritating and a lot of guys flair up after. To help your skin feel less irritated it is best to shave after a shower. The hot water from the shower will help open your skin and give your blades a much smoother cut. Another good tip is to rinse your face with cool/cold water after you are done shaving. An aftershave/moisturizing cream will help as well. Beard oil for the lumberjacks.

Since us guys like easy convenience I will be using a 3 in 1 product from Människan to shampoo and condition our hair/beard. The third piece is that you can use this as a body wash as well! Not to mention your girl will be all over you for the Människan scent…

Before I see you on Thursday there are a few things you will need:

  • Clippers with guards
  • Edger (trimmer)
  • Razor (straight blade for the battle-scarred)
  • Människan 3 in 1 Tonifying Shampoo & Shower Gel (shampoo/conditioner)
  • Människan Lenetive After Shave Cream
  • Människan Beard Oil
  • Barber comb or small brush
Människan Grooming roducts

(Not all of these items are necessary for everyones grooming style) All the Människan products can be purchased through the following:


We Are Here For You

On behalf of our team, I wanted to send out our best wishes in health and safety to all of our clients and community during this time. We understand that there are a lot of over grown hair roots out there and its not because of a purposely done shadow root/balayage. Yikes! 

 I am also here on a much better note…there WILL be hope for your hair! We are offering a Colour Touch Up Kits with free delivery! We are also providing free delivery on products orders over $50. Orders under this amount will be charged $10. Simply email us at reception@pinosalon.com or DM us through Instagram or Facebook.

If the pandemic has given you a bit more time around the house, then this is going to be the “rebirth” of your locks! Especially for those of you that use hot tools regularly – this has been minimized.

Before we get into details there are two very important things to remember:



I know its very hard for some people to not give those ends a quick little trim when needed or touch up those roots with a box colour from the store but it will not be worth it in the end. We are here for you and we welcome any types of hair/skin questions to help you through this time via email, direct messaging through Instagram or video chat consultations.

Okay, now we can start with the “rebirth” process. Although, this will most likely work best for colour treated blondes (they deal with the most dryness/damage) it will work for all hair types and hair colours.

Supercharged Hair Mask

After you shampoo and rinse (with sulphate free shampoo) apply a looney size amount to medium-thick Intense Hydrating Mask from MOROCCANOIL in your hand and add a pump of the MOROCCANOIL Treatment (Original or Light). Add this through your hair, comb it through thoroughly and leave in for at least 5 min. The mask by itself is a godsend, creamy deep conditioner improving your hair’s texture, elasticity, shine and manageability. The Treatment oil added is the “supercharge” your hair will receive. Rich in vitamin E and naturally-occurring antioxidants that help battle free radicals. Use this cocktailing method 1-2 times a week. 

Other masks/deep conditioners are applicable to use with the MOROCCANOIL Treatment mixture including:

  • Absolute Recover Mask – KASHMIR
  • Restorative Mask — MOROCCANOIL
  • Hydra Moisturizing Conditioner – KAARAL
  • Reale Intense Nutrition Conditioner – KAARAL

Email reception@pinosalon.com to request product delivery

***OLAPLEX is also on this list but I will be explaining that separately on a post soon to come!