We Are Here For You

On behalf of our team, I wanted to send out our best wishes in health and safety to all of our clients and community during this time. We understand that there are a lot of over grown hair roots out there and its not because of a purposely done shadow root/balayage. Yikes! 

 I am also here on a much better note…there WILL be hope for your hair! We are offering a Colour Touch Up Kits with free delivery! We are also providing free delivery on products orders over $50. Orders under this amount will be charged $10. Simply email us at reception@pinosalon.com or DM us through Instagram or Facebook.

If the pandemic has given you a bit more time around the house, then this is going to be the “rebirth” of your locks! Especially for those of you that use hot tools regularly – this has been minimized.

Before we get into details there are two very important things to remember:



I know its very hard for some people to not give those ends a quick little trim when needed or touch up those roots with a box colour from the store but it will not be worth it in the end. We are here for you and we welcome any types of hair/skin questions to help you through this time via email, direct messaging through Instagram or video chat consultations.

Okay, now we can start with the “rebirth” process. Although, this will most likely work best for colour treated blondes (they deal with the most dryness/damage) it will work for all hair types and hair colours.

Supercharged Hair Mask

After you shampoo and rinse (with sulphate free shampoo) apply a looney size amount to medium-thick Intense Hydrating Mask from MOROCCANOIL in your hand and add a pump of the MOROCCANOIL Treatment (Original or Light). Add this through your hair, comb it through thoroughly and leave in for at least 5 min. The mask by itself is a godsend, creamy deep conditioner improving your hair’s texture, elasticity, shine and manageability. The Treatment oil added is the “supercharge” your hair will receive. Rich in vitamin E and naturally-occurring antioxidants that help battle free radicals. Use this cocktailing method 1-2 times a week. 

Other masks/deep conditioners are applicable to use with the MOROCCANOIL Treatment mixture including:

  • Absolute Recover Mask – KASHMIR
  • Restorative Mask — MOROCCANOIL
  • Hydra Moisturizing Conditioner – KAARAL
  • Reale Intense Nutrition Conditioner – KAARAL

Email reception@pinosalon.com to request product delivery

***OLAPLEX is also on this list but I will be explaining that separately on a post soon to come!

Royal Jelly for Your Hair

Royal Jelly for Your Hair

Some of us would think that we’ve had more than enough of winter so far but in reality it’s still just the end of January. There are more days of chilly temperatures and very dry air to go! This acts negatively to our hair and skin. Certain people don’t have to worry about their skin or scalp as much as others, although, we all need to take into account what the dry air (outside) and the central heat (inside) does to our hair. Luckily, there are solutions for these problems!

I am always excited to talk to my clients about how beneficial the royal jelly is (more…)

Paraben Free

In the last few years you have probably heard a lot about paraben free beauty products.  So, what’s all the hype about? Why should you care about what’s in your product? The most important investment you have is your health! For nearly 70 years parabens have been added to our daily regimen, its time to understand the negative effects.

Parabens are used to preserve products in order to give the product a longer shelf life. They are the most widely used preservatives in personal care products because they are cheap and widely available. There are different types of parabens like methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl.  The reason why you should be aware of this is due to the fact that these chemicals can get into your bloodstream through your skin and scalp. This may create hormonal imbalances and increase the amount of estrogen in your body. Your body cannot break down these harmful toxins so when they get into your blood stream your body doesn’t know how to break them down.  There are also studies that have been linked to cancer from the use of  parabens.   Some people experience skin problems due to parabens and toxins in your system. Your skin is the mirror of your internal health so by eliminating the cell damage caused by free radicals we could significantly affect the aging process of the skin. When suffering from any condition you need to always think about what you ingest and what you apply to your skin and body. A thorough investigation may sometimes reveal something that your body is not compatible with.

There are more and more companies that are finding ways to make paraben free products. Kaaral has their line of Purify shampoo and conditioner that meets these standards and the company is in the process of bringing in more styling products that are paraben free as well.  Kaaral Hair Care is manufactured in Italy.  They are continually conscious of the health and well-being of consumers and strive to keep their prices competitive.  We are finding that some European products are more consumer friendly and they tend to produce products that are better quality.  The old saying ” you get what you pay for” is quite relevant in this instance.

It’s understandable that you can’t possibly avoid every single paraben,  but making yourself aware and making better choices may bring you to a life with less toxins.  Many items that don’t have parabens might be a healthier choice and small changes can be made every day to a healthier and better you. Be smart, stay beautiful, and let’s make the world paraben free!