Laser Hair Removal

Imagine yourself free of unwanted facial and body hair!

Pain-Free, Hair Free™ Laser Hair Removal

The virtually pain-free laser hair removal treatment, offered by Pino’s Medispa can liberate you from daily shaving, tedious plucking and painful waxing to give you silky smooth skin. Our Soprano Laser System, combines medical grade laser technology with the comfort and convenience of a trip to the spa. In fact, this revolutionary technology has been described as one of the most comfortable laser hair removal options available. The Pain-Free Laser is safe for almost all skin types, hair types and most hair colors. For best results, laser hair removal treatments are customized according to skin colour, hair texture and body site.

laser-hair-removal-menWhat areas of the body can be treated?

Women opt to remove unwanted hair from their chins or upper lips. They often wish to rid themselves of embarrassing bikini line or underarm hair, and to be freed from endless hours of shaving or waxing their legs. For men, laser hair removal has become a popular solution for excessive hair, generally on the face, parts of the neck, back and chest. Men will appreciate our laser’s ability to remove even the coarsest hair from relatively large body areas with minimal or no pain.

With each treatment, you will notice a considerable amount of reduction in hairs that re-grow in the treatment area. Most people require 4 – 6 treatments or more to permanently lessen the number of re-growth hairs.

How long does a laser treatment take?

While laser is able to cover relatively large areas at high speed, the exact treatment time is determined by the size of the area being treated. The upper lip and underarm take only a few minutes; the legs may require up to an hour.

How many treatments are necessary?

All hair follicles go through periods of dormancy as well as growth. Laser light only affects hair follicles that are actively producing hair at the time of treatment; therefore resting follicles must enter the growth phase before they can be effectively treated. For this reason, treatment must be repeated until all hair follicles have passed through the growing phase. Clinical studies indicate that typically five or more treatments are needed at intervals of between 1-2 months (6-8 weeks).

How is it different from other lasers?

The Soprano Laser System breaks the mold of previous laser hair removal systems. The system’s unique IN-Motion™ technology, along with the sweeping motion of the laser, safely and gently heats the targeted hair follicle while you stay comfortable.

It uses the most successful photoepilation wavelength (810 nm), which makes it the gold standard for laser hair removal. In addition, a patented DualChill™ mechanism ensures the surface of your skin stays cool throughout your treatment.

The Soprano Laser System works by using pulses of infrared diode laser energy to gradually heat the hair follicles in the sub dermal layer of skin until they can no longer produce new hair. Using the unique, IN-Motion™ technology and a patented DualChill™ treatment tip, the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable. The sweeping motion also eliminates any skipped or missed spots common to other types of laser hair removal.

laser-hair-removal-bodyIs it safe?

The Soprano Laser System parameters are specially designed to match your skin type and hair type, assuring exact and gentle treatment.

Hair removal is one of the aesthetic medical industry’s most well-known and researched uses of lasers. The Soprano Laser System has provided permanent hair reduction for thousands of patients worldwide, safely and successfully since it was cleared by the FDA in 2005.

Laser Hair Removal

Virtually Painless! Unwanted hair has always been a nuisance in our every day lives but Laser Hair Removal has changed all that. Our Medical Grade Laser is FDA & CSA approved.

Per Session

Lip or Sideburns

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Lip and Chin

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Bikini Trim

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  • Complete price list available for all areas
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The Soprano®XL is a revolutionary diode laser system for permanent hair reduction and dermal heating. It is the world’s first laser hair removal system that is virtually painless – and it is available exclusively from Alma Lasers.

  • Virtually pain-free without the use of anesthesia or numbing gels
  • Gold standard 810-nm laser diode provides reliable results
  • Permanent hair reduction of all pigmented hair on all skin types, including tanned skin
  • IN-Motion™ technology – virtually pain-free hair removal
  • FDA and CSA approved

We recommend a consultation appointment for your personal price quotation.

Understanding Hair Removal

Hair grows in cycles, and many factors influence it’s growth. Age, ethnicity, medications, hormone levels and even body site all influence the length, coarseness, and colour of body hair. How much hair you have depends on how many hairs are in the active cycle and how long that cycle lasts.

During any one time, 90% of the hairs on your head will be in their active growth phase, and only 10% will be in their resting phase. For scalp hair, the growth period can be as long as 7 years, while the resting period is usually 2-4 months.

On the other hand, the hairs on your arms have an active growth cycle of only 1-3 months before they revert to a resting phase. At any one time, only 70% of those hairs may be growing. That is why the hair on your scalp can grow so much longer than the hair on other parts of your body.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The laser works by disabling hairs that are principally in their active growth phase at the time of the treatment. Since other hairs will enter the growth phase at different times, additional treatments will be necessary to disable all the hair follicles in a given area.

It usually involves 6 or more treatments depending on the individual.