Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening with Accent RF

We all age, yet none of us wish to see the signs of aging. Even if we eat right and exercise, the skin on our bodies grows looser and more lax, losing the firm, toned look of youth.

Accent radiofrequency therapy can bring back that fresh appearance. Non-invasively, Accent RF tightens loose skin, promotes healthy collagen production, and improves your body’s contours.

This revolutionary skin reshaping procedure uses advanced radio frequency (RF) technology to treat wrinkles non-invasively.

Multiple clinical studies and thousands of satisfied patients have proven the Accent RF skin tightening treatment’s effectiveness in tightening loose skin, promoting healthy collagen production and improving body contours. Compared to other skin treatments systems, you’ll see noticeable results faster.

Accent Skin Tightening – Full Face & Neck

Priced upon consultation
Treats Conditions:
  • Sagging skin and drooping eyelids
  • Wrinkles and lines around eyes
  • Loss of firmness
  • Frown lines
  • Firmer skin and forehead lift
  • Lifting and tightening around eye area
  • Reduction/removal of wrinkles and lines
  • Improved colour and brighter complexion



Is Accent safe?

Incorporating advanced safety options that cool your skin to prevent discomfort or burning, Accent is risk-free.

skin-tightening-toned-skinHow does Accent work?

During treatment, your laser technician will precisely heat an area of the inner layer of your skin using Accent radiofrequency technology, while simultaneously cooling the outer layer of skin. As the inner layer is heated, a natural reaction occurs, promoting the creation of new collagen. The result: a return to the smooth and elastic skin of youth.

Where can Accent’s RF treatment be applied?

Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy treatments can be performed to loose, wrinkled skin anywhere on the body. The procedure is frequently used to treat the thin, loose and crepe-like skin often found on the aging face, neck and under the upper arms. It is also excellent for firming skin on the post-surgical or postnatal abdomen, thighs, and waist.

Treatments – what to expect

During procedure, your laser technician will use Accent radiofrequency to precisely heat the skin’s inner layer (dermis), while its outer layer (epidermis) is continually cooled. Depending on the size of the treated area, treatment may take up to 75 minutes.

Following treatment, you can immediately resume all routine activities. You may notice slight redness, which should disappear in less than 24 hours. Generally, no more than 6 to 8 treatments at 3 week intervals are required.

When should I see results?

This heating action causes the deep structures of your skin to tighten right away. With time, new collagen grows to further tighten your skin, yielding even more beautiful, natural looking and firmer skin. While a few treatments can produce good results, your laser technician may recommend follow-up procedures to best maintain and improve your body’s youthful contours.

skin-tightening-aged-skinDoes it hurt?

While pain tolerance is individual, most people tolerate Accent RF treatments well, have little or no discomfort. Patients often describe the sensation as a “warm massage”. The procedure is not accompanied by any significant side effects.

The Accent Advantage

The market is flooded with products and treatments claiming to have skin tightening benefits. None, however, live up to these claims. On the other hand, topical solutions, creams and lotions do not penetrate the skin, and can render only temporary and superficial effects. Surgical procedures, on the other hand, are invasive, accompanied by risk and relatively long recovery periods, and often have doubtful results.

Using selective dermal heating, Accent’s radiofrequency stimulates the production of new collagen, and improves skin surface texture. Accent RF treatment is quick, and does not require anesthesia or a prolonged recovery time. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately. Best of all, Accent RF skin tightening treatment provides steady improvement with excellent long-term results.