Men’s Haircuts

We deliver professional men’s haircuts incorporating barbering techniques to give you a fresh, trendy style or clean, classic look. Pino’s hairstylists are trained to cut men’s hair with proper barbering techniques; a craft that is continuously growing in the industry. After receiving your haircut, our stylist will show you how to style your hair so you can maintain that fresh look everyday.

If you have thinning hair or a receding hairline, we can help find a solution for you.

The Pino’s Experience

Come in, relax, get a fabulous shampoo and scalp massage sip on an espresso and enjoy the Pino’s experience.

Pricing from

Salon Stylist


A salon stylist has the creative skills and experience to cut, color, style and provide you with the look that is most attractive for you. The salon stylist usually has less than five years experience but has successfully completed Pino’s rigorous training and education program. The prices of a salon stylist are reasonable and affordable.

Senior Stylist


A senior stylist should be able to perform any hair service that the client requires and has been in the industry for more than five years. Also, a senior stylist will maintain his/her education by attending seminars and workshops to keep up with changing styles and trends. You will receive and enjoy a higher skill level than the salon stylist level but the price will reflect the experience.

Pino, Artistic Director, Master Stylist


Look your best after receiving a perfect haircut from Mr. Pino Cherubino, a master stylist, trained in Italy. As the founder of Pino’s salon and medispa, Pino has been in the hair industry for over 36 years. Originally, trained in Milan, Italy, he has worked with world-class educators and veterans of the hair and beauty world. You will benefit from the experience and talent that Pino has when he creates the perfect haircut for you. Whether you have lots of hair or starting to lose hair, he will provide you with the most flattering style for your best look.