Wash, Blow Dry and Hairstyling

With proper technique we can achieve the softest, sexiest look or the dramatic shiny hair that you have always wanted. We can enhance your day with just a few moments of exceptional time at Pino’s. Not every wash, blow dry and hairstyling experience is equal!

A cleansing shampoo, a relaxing scalp massage and the rest is even better. We take special attention to use the right products on your hair combined with the proper styling techniques in order to achieve a look you will love! A wash, blow dry and hairstyling session at Pino’s is the best way to start your day!

Pricing from

Salon Stylists


Pino has trained all the salon stylists to create the perfect blowdry. Our hairdressers and salon staff are able to work with all different hair types and utilize the proper hair products to create that gorgeous individual look!

Senior Stylist


Women in Europe have always considered the weekly blowdry a priority and an essential part of their beauty routine.  More and more women here in Canada are now enjoying the same weekly treat.

Pino, Artistic Director/Master Stylist


Our award winning master stylist will ensure you have the most fabulous blowdry style.   Whether your hair is super coarse and curly or straight and fine. Pino will find a way to achieve your perfect style.  Relax and enjoy, leave the rest to us!

Additional Flat Iron


Applies to each stylist (Salon, Senior and Pino)

Additional Curls


Applies to each stylist package (Salon, Senior and Pino)