Body Treatments

Extracted from the Golden Moor Bog near the Ottawa Valley Moor Mud has many health benefits; all while smelling delicious! Escaping from modern day pollution is quite the task but government laws have protected this wonderful gem. The chocolate mud wrap not only smells scrumptious but also aids in preventing arthritis, rheumatic pain and dehydrated skin. Chocolate contains caffeine, which helps to increase circulation and temporarily firm your skin all the while removing toxins with the absorption of nutrients and natural hormones necessary for glandular balance.

Moor Body Polish


This invigorating body scrub exfoliates and softens, leaving your skin fresh and smooth. The scrubbing action stimulates circulation and enhances the appearance of your skin leaving you feeling absolutely wonderful and refreshed!

Therapeutic Moor Package


The extraordinary benefits and therapeutic qualities from this body experience include stimulation of a sluggish metabolism, detoxification and cleansing of the body. Clients also have experienced relief from arthritic and rheumatic conditions due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in the Moor mud. In a private and comfortable surrounding, you will begin with a Moor body exfoliation and then you will be enveloped with the warm organic Moor mud. While you rest, you will experience a gentle facial treatment and scalp massage to deepen your relaxation. The result of this treatment is soft, hydrated skin and a purified sense of well-being.