An Autumn Runaway into the 90’s

Have you ever felt the need to escape sometimes? When we are in the same loop week to week and the previous week is a mirror vision of the upcoming 9-5 schedule that is waiting for you it might cross our minds to just escape society. This is where the heart of our style proposal stems from. Some people will leave on a trip or vacation, others might undertake an expedition into the wild or face their fears in order to reset the soul by doing something like sky diving or deep sea scuba diving. Any of these ideas involve a certain action plan that must be completed before a rest can happen. There are some ways to reset the soul that involve no plan of action and no itinerary. Our vision comes from teenagers that are seeking a new way of being and in turn creating the style proposal we have created.

With the help of photographer Vincenzo Cherubino we have created a 2015 autumn style collection which arises from an early 90’s grunge feel with a rebellious attitude. We worked along side fashion stylist Kassi Meslo to put the 90’s wardrobe together and she nailed it! The make-up was provided by the very talented Kelly Parker.  These three friends take the train down memory lane and express themselves in their own individual way. This is our way of exposing the spirit of our collection. Enjoy!

This photo shows the amount of attitude in the collection. From Ksenija's un-done hair to her weathered boots

This photo shows the rebelious attitude in the collection. From Ksenija’s un-done hair to her Betsy Johnson Stomp sparkle boots. She’s rocking vintage Escada jean shorts with shredded black tights and a BH Emporium crop top. Her leopard vest is from Lucynna Jaworski and she’s got Versace clip-on earrings.






















Although the collection is rugged, we wanted to show the contrast in textures with Laura. He beautiful curls under her hooded garment.

Although the collection is rugged, we wanted to show the contrast in textures with Laura. Her beautiful curls under her pink lace Linda Lundstrom hoodie and virgin zip mini dress.



















Fall Shoot B1

This scene screams 90’s! Our fashion stylist (Kassi Meslo) incorporated some props from the 90’s for some nostalgia. Brandon is wearing BMW original racing pants with a 90’s icon tee with a Moschino sparkle vest and Harry Rosen vintage tuxedo shoes.


Laura defenitly defines 90's grunge with a bad ass demeanor. Laura has some of the best natural curls I have ever worked with. I went with more of an "I don't care what my hair looks like" mood with the bandana. A touch of fuchsia in her curls just because these girls can get away with anything on the street.

Laura defenitly defines 90’s grunge with a bad ass demeanor. Laura has some of the best natural curls I have ever worked with. I went with more of an “I don’t care what my hair looks like” mood with the bandana. A touch of fuchsia in her curls just because these girls can get away with anything on the street. She is wearing a Pepe skirt with a 90’s icon tee.They abandoned everything to seek soul reset.


Brandon is killing it on the skateboard! He's wearing an original BMW Racer vest with an Evolve and Rebel tee. He is really the only guy I know that can get away with wearing those slick leggings too!

Brandon is killing it on the skateboard! He’s wearing an original BMW Racer vest with an Evolve and Rebel tee. He is really the only guy I know that can get away with wearing those slick leggings too!



Facebook Cover page-90'sMAKEUP PROVIDED BY KELLY PARKER (@mua_by_kelly)


Ksenija with phonePHOTOGRAPHY BY VINCENZO CHERUBINO (@vincenzocherubino)

Ksenija tracks


group shot






Planning the Perfect Party

Are you planning the perfect party but have no idea where to begin? Look no further, here are some festive tips that will help you throw the party of your dreams!

Colour Your Party!

The first thing you want to decide on when planning a party is the color scheme you are going to be using. Silver and gold are often the go to colours for holiday decorations. This year, if you’re in an area that is lacking that “holiday feel” as there is no snow around, try using light frosted blues. Modern Holiday décor is all the rage this year as opposed to the traditional looking decorations you may have inherited from your parents. Keep all decorations aligned by using geometric shapes in bold black, crisp white and rich reds to create a party look your guests will be talking about for years! Accent everything holiday-like with these hues and you’ll have a masterpiece in your house!

Traditional ornaments are also being replaced with shimmery, in your face disco balls in order to achieve a dazzling look up close and from across the room. You want to make sure that your decorations are catching the eyes of your guests. It will give them a place to begin when talking about your party after the celebrations have ended!

Move over! We Hungry!

We will now move directly into food ideas so your guests don’t go hungry! The first festive snack that should catch the eye of your guests is a welcome cocktail with a holiday twist! Have the bartender whip up something that is green, red, or even something that aligns with your color scheme. He could even put a peppermint stick in the drink for a bit more a festive flair.
For those younger guests who may not be able to partake in the welcome cocktail, set up a hot chocolate bar! Have the alcoholic mix-ins on the side. That way you have a little something for the entire family! Add some coloured marshmallows to the table in order to give the kids a little something different while keeping with the tone of the evening.



In keeping with the orb shape that your disco balls will create, another festive food idea is to “make your own” crystal orb filled with something fun. For example, you can fill one of the orbs with a small salad or a bite sized appetizer. The aforementioned ideas allow for the guest to interact. The display and the food while offering a relaxed “serve yourself” kind of vibe. This interaction will lead to a more enjoyable time overall for your guests. This will give off the illusion that they are picking exactly what they want; almost as though the party was being catered towards them.


In order to have something small and easy for your guests to take home with them, make some peppermint cake pops. It will be a sure fire way to have your party stand out.
Follow these tips and tricks and aim to have an outstanding time and your holiday party will be out of this world.

James Read Products (Self-Tanners)

As the cooler weather begins to roll in, is your summer glow starting to fade? James Read is a professional spray tan artist whose philosophy combines skin beautifying ingredients with a touch of self-tan. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to get that sun kissed look in the winter months, James Read and his products are your go to. His technique stems from the want to deliver a normal looking tan which works off of your skins natural color and provides you with the allure and glamour of tanned-looking skin and the benefits of how that makes you feel. He recommends using a technique referred to as the “layering technique”. This approach tends to take a longer time to present the desired results due to the fact that you must wait in between applications. Performing the self-tan in this manner however, ensures that you do not over tan and turn darker than you would have hoped for. Building up the tan gradually will leave you looking soft, natural and in the hue of your choice.

James Read tan products are formulated with skin conditioning ingredients (mostly anti-ageing ones) that help to ensure the skin not only looks great but feels great too. Even though purchased at most high-end spas, you can be sure that you are receiving a professional quality tan at home. Listening to James’ tips and tricks, especially in regards to layering will help you achieve the tan that you want!

I know what you’re thinking: “why would I put in the extra time and effort to give myself a spray tan rather than going into a tanning salon for 10 minutes or spending a fun day out in the sun? There are a vast number of reasons to choose a self-tan over any other kind of tan. They include, but are not limited to: the amount of time you spend in the sun becomes minimal, thus decreasing your chances of developing skin cancer. You can get the exact results that you desire for less cost because you are in charge of the application process and can make sure you are not overusing product or applying product where it isn’t overly necessary. Another benefit to self-tanning is that it creates an illusion of the body being in tip top shape because the tan hides the majority of flaws within the skin itself. In the words of James Read, “if you can’t tone it, tan it”.

Men and women are both embracing the spray tan industry in today’s market. The fundamental difference between being a male who tans and a female who tans comes down to the application of the product. For men, sprays, liquids and mousses far exceed creams in terms of end result. This is because they are lighter on the skin and will not stick to any body hair, which in turn offers the male client better and more even coverage. Women seem to have favorable results with all types of application styles, therefore coming down to personal preference for them!

Just because the seasons are changing and the cold weather is coming doesn’t mean we need to fade away! Self-tanning is the perfect solution to our winter woes! Stop by Pino’s today and pick up your bottle!


After enjoying your summer, it’s always a shock to see how your skin has reacted once you’ve had some time away from the sun. Fortunately we can help rectify this with the use of Medical Esthetic equipment; with an “Intense Pulsed Light Treatment”/“Advanced Fluorescent Technology” to be exact.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatments (IPL) or Advanced Fluorescent Technology Treatments (AFT) are interchangeable treatments that are used by cosmetic and medical technicians to perform various services within the industry. They are considered to be one of the most versatile skin treatments available as it can target a number of conditions. The FDA first gave approval for photofacials in 1995 for the removal of broken capillaries, and since then the industry as grown tremendously in terms of what it can and cannot treat. The target clientele are those suffering from rosacea, hyperpigmentation, liver spots, sun damage and broken blood vessels.  This treatment can be performed on the face, neck, hands and arms. AFT machines use broad spectrum light to target these specific conditions, allowing you to say goodbye to your problem areas!

Broad spectrum light is considered on the market to be more efficient than lasers given the fact that lasers operate within a very specific wavelength, whereas AFT converts unused short-wavelength light into the usable spectrum, which increases emission and penetration. The light beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by either the hemoglobin or melanin (depending on the client’s issue), and the vessels and pigment are then absorbed by the body, which decreases the visibility of the problem area.  This process is considered to be a non-ablative resurfacing technique which means that it targets the lower layers of the skin (dermis) without affecting the top layers of the skin (epidermis). Having the treatment conducted in this way allows for little to no downtime and wonderful results!

AFT procedures work best when done in a series of at least four; this is because there is no way to tell just how deep the damage to your skin goes. Doing multiple treatments ensures that the light is penetrating as deeply as it can to allow for your damage to be removed. Your laser technician will not only take before and after pictures to allow you to see the difference in your skin, but will also monitor your skin after each treatment to ensure you are getting the best treatment possible. As your number of sessions increases the settings on the machine will also increase, however the energy level is kept uniform which allows the client to have an extra level of safety and less discomfort over all, even as the course of treatment is getting more intense.

After an AFT treatment you can expect to have a more youthful appearance, less sun noticeable sun damage, rejuvenated skin, less noticeable broken capillaries, and less redness if you suffer from rosacea. Photofacials help to stimulate collagen growth and no skin is removed during the process; your skin will benefit from natural proteins that will help to fill in your wrinkles and aid in making the skin smooth and supple.
During the treatment the technician will use a cool gel to not only protect your skin from the laser being emitted, but will also help to keep the epidermis cool during the treatment. This is beneficial for you because it ensures that you will not have any permanent burn damage to your skin and it will also help to improve any discomfort you may feel during the treatment. In conjunction with this gel, the client is given a tool called a “zimmer”. When activated, this tube consistently blows cool air which the client moves around following the placement of the laser. This once again helps to keep your discomfort level to a minimum.

2015 Fall Beauty Trends

With summer coming to an end, our trends are changing as fast as the leaves on the trees. Pastels are out in terms of day time shadow and are being replaced with orange hues; neon, apricot, mandarin, bronze and peach! In keeping with that color scheme, blush is the go to product this fall. Make sure you use a blush with enough warm peach and rose pigments to make it look like you just got back from a brisk run. Everyone will ask you how you manage to keep your glow looking so fresh. Since orange is going to be your base color for the lids, everything else this fall tends to be a bit more intense in order to add some definition to your face.

Perfect Lips

Lips this fall are going to counter your eyes which will bring the entire look together! Fashion magazine describes the new lipstick trend as ‘goth’ or ‘gothic’. The colors they suggest are; intense reds, burgundies, plums and blacks. Make sure to use a lip liner close in color to your lipstick shade. Follow with thick black lash extensions to create further definition moving into the eye area. To achieve a dramatic eye this fall encompass the eye with a thick, black liner and smudge along the water line to create a worn look. Using a gel liner for this look will bring added intensity allowing for your eyes to become the key feature of your ensemble.

Gotta Have The Hair

Now that we have the makeup taken care of, we will move right into hairstyles.   If you’d like to avoid the fall wind that tends to ruin hair, you will be on the right track going with a low ponytail. Regardless of how you choose to complete the style, whether it is sleek or messy, as long as it is low you are golden. There are many options for your hair! The first being an intense red; this will pair nicely with a red lip and a dark eye. You can also opt for a warmer brown with a slight transition into blonde. If you are more of a short hair worshipper, the following styles are quick and easy to achieve.

Short Hair Styles

Short hair styles or “chic bobs” are excellent for the muggy year we‘re having. They are easy to maintain and are very low maintenance. You can always change up your long hair with messy French twists, loose waves or pin straight hair. Do you tend to be rushing around with the new school year starting? Place your usual bun with a knot which will allow you to achieve a look that is both messy and kept out of your face. The last hair fashion trend that we can see emerging this fall has to do with the initial way you do your hair; the part!!! Slick and deep side parts are all the rage for this season. Not only does it allow for a little artistic flare but it also allows for that ‘grown out’ look that is becoming ever so popular.

We’re Going Back!

Clothing fashion is turning back the clock…to the 70’s!! High waist pants, short skirts, headbands, medium wedges, faux fur, flounce hems, and carwash pleats are great! Pair these with some feminine, sparkly jewellery, a grey suit and chic black boots and you have a found a fall fashion that is perfect for you! Complete your entire look with a pair of leather gloves and everyone will think you are back in the 70s and “out of sight”.