After enjoying your summer, it’s always a shock to see how your skin has reacted once you’ve had some time away from the sun. Fortunately we can help rectify this with the use of Medical Esthetic equipment; with an “Intense Pulsed Light Treatment”/“Advanced Fluorescent Technology” to be exact.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatments (IPL) or Advanced Fluorescent Technology Treatments (AFT) are interchangeable treatments that are used by cosmetic and medical technicians to perform various services within the industry. They are considered to be one of the most versatile skin treatments available as it can target a number of conditions. The FDA first gave approval for photofacials in 1995 for the removal of broken capillaries, and since then the industry as grown tremendously in terms of what it can and cannot treat. The target clientele are those suffering from rosacea, hyperpigmentation, liver spots, sun damage and broken blood vessels.  This treatment can be performed on the face, neck, hands and arms. AFT machines use broad spectrum light to target these specific conditions, allowing you to say goodbye to your problem areas!

Broad spectrum light is considered on the market to be more efficient than lasers given the fact that lasers operate within a very specific wavelength, whereas AFT converts unused short-wavelength light into the usable spectrum, which increases emission and penetration. The light beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by either the hemoglobin or melanin (depending on the client’s issue), and the vessels and pigment are then absorbed by the body, which decreases the visibility of the problem area.  This process is considered to be a non-ablative resurfacing technique which means that it targets the lower layers of the skin (dermis) without affecting the top layers of the skin (epidermis). Having the treatment conducted in this way allows for little to no downtime and wonderful results!

AFT procedures work best when done in a series of at least four; this is because there is no way to tell just how deep the damage to your skin goes. Doing multiple treatments ensures that the light is penetrating as deeply as it can to allow for your damage to be removed. Your laser technician will not only take before and after pictures to allow you to see the difference in your skin, but will also monitor your skin after each treatment to ensure you are getting the best treatment possible. As your number of sessions increases the settings on the machine will also increase, however the energy level is kept uniform which allows the client to have an extra level of safety and less discomfort over all, even as the course of treatment is getting more intense.

After an AFT treatment you can expect to have a more youthful appearance, less sun noticeable sun damage, rejuvenated skin, less noticeable broken capillaries, and less redness if you suffer from rosacea. Photofacials help to stimulate collagen growth and no skin is removed during the process; your skin will benefit from natural proteins that will help to fill in your wrinkles and aid in making the skin smooth and supple.
During the treatment the technician will use a cool gel to not only protect your skin from the laser being emitted, but will also help to keep the epidermis cool during the treatment. This is beneficial for you because it ensures that you will not have any permanent burn damage to your skin and it will also help to improve any discomfort you may feel during the treatment. In conjunction with this gel, the client is given a tool called a “zimmer”. When activated, this tube consistently blows cool air which the client moves around following the placement of the laser. This once again helps to keep your discomfort level to a minimum.

2015 Fall Beauty Trends

With summer coming to an end, our trends are changing as fast as the leaves on the trees. Pastels are out in terms of day time shadow and are being replaced with orange hues; neon, apricot, mandarin, bronze and peach! In keeping with that color scheme, blush is the go to product this fall. Make sure you use a blush with enough warm peach and rose pigments to make it look like you just got back from a brisk run. Everyone will ask you how you manage to keep your glow looking so fresh. Since orange is going to be your base color for the lids, everything else this fall tends to be a bit more intense in order to add some definition to your face.

Perfect Lips

Lips this fall are going to counter your eyes which will bring the entire look together! Fashion magazine describes the new lipstick trend as ‘goth’ or ‘gothic’. The colors they suggest are; intense reds, burgundies, plums and blacks. Make sure to use a lip liner close in color to your lipstick shade. Follow with thick black lash extensions to create further definition moving into the eye area. To achieve a dramatic eye this fall encompass the eye with a thick, black liner and smudge along the water line to create a worn look. Using a gel liner for this look will bring added intensity allowing for your eyes to become the key feature of your ensemble.

Gotta Have The Hair

Now that we have the makeup taken care of, we will move right into hairstyles.   If you’d like to avoid the fall wind that tends to ruin hair, you will be on the right track going with a low ponytail. Regardless of how you choose to complete the style, whether it is sleek or messy, as long as it is low you are golden. There are many options for your hair! The first being an intense red; this will pair nicely with a red lip and a dark eye. You can also opt for a warmer brown with a slight transition into blonde. If you are more of a short hair worshipper, the following styles are quick and easy to achieve.

Short Hair Styles

Short hair styles or “chic bobs” are excellent for the muggy year we‘re having. They are easy to maintain and are very low maintenance. You can always change up your long hair with messy French twists, loose waves or pin straight hair. Do you tend to be rushing around with the new school year starting? Place your usual bun with a knot which will allow you to achieve a look that is both messy and kept out of your face. The last hair fashion trend that we can see emerging this fall has to do with the initial way you do your hair; the part!!! Slick and deep side parts are all the rage for this season. Not only does it allow for a little artistic flare but it also allows for that ‘grown out’ look that is becoming ever so popular.

We’re Going Back!

Clothing fashion is turning back the clock…to the 70’s!! High waist pants, short skirts, headbands, medium wedges, faux fur, flounce hems, and carwash pleats are great! Pair these with some feminine, sparkly jewellery, a grey suit and chic black boots and you have a found a fall fashion that is perfect for you! Complete your entire look with a pair of leather gloves and everyone will think you are back in the 70s and “out of sight”.


Bridal Styles

It’s that time of year again, wedding season is upon us! Whether you are getting married, standing for someone or simply in attendance to dance the night away these wedding trends can be applied towards anyone!

Out are the bold colors and in are the pastels and nudes. Nude lips can knock your look out of the park if done correctly. Always make sure to lean towards a darker hue in order to avoid it looking like your lips have been erased. Nude color hues to stick to are peach, coral, pink and chocolate. Nude lips can be paired with a subtle smoky eye in order to achieve a night time glam look. If you want the impact to come from a bold lip, make sure you’re staying classy with everything else; a light pastel on the eyes with a champagne shimmer applied to the inner corner will guarantee a bright, open eye. Always make sure to apply lipstick with a brush to ensure full and even application. Summer is the time of year to use a light hand in regards to coverage. Try mixing a highlighter with your regular foundation to achieve the sun-kissed, dewy look. To extend this theme to your nails, opt for either a nude manicure with a faded out sparkle effect or a blush pink manicure finished with gold or silver french tips.

Turning over to the bridal hair styles that will help pull your entire look together we have a few tips you should keep in mind. Always make sure to pick a style with your stylist that will compliment your face shape. For a round face shape, we suggest going with a center-parted blowout with soft, loose curls or a half-up, half-down hairstyle which will keep your eyes free from hair and will slim the edges of the face. If your shape compares more to that of an oval you will want your hair to add a touch of length to your face. This can be achieved by adding loose waves or finishing the look with a sleek, polished ponytail. For a square jawline you’d be best to stick with a straight and sleek blowout or opt for a center-parted low ponytail. These two looks will help to soften your angles. And finally, those of you with a heart shaped face will be looking for beachy waves with a side part or a messy bun. This will allow some balance to be created in order to soften your look.

We here at Pino’s Salon and Medispa will work to customize your look in order to ensure it’s perfect for your big day! Together we will combine hair, makeup and esthetics and provide you with a look that’s as unique as you!

2015 Spring/Summer Makeup Trends

Today we will be sharing the spring/summer makeup trends. This is our very first “Makeup Trends” post! We welcome the very talented Kelly Parker to give you the low down on whats going on for this spring/summer. Kelly has been working in the industry for over a decade and is experienced with style-shoots, weddings, fashions shows and she is progressive when it comes to bringing out the beauty in someones features. We hope that these ideas will give you some inspiration for the great season. Enjoy!

S/S Trend #1: The Barely There,  Au Natural Look.

 Keeping your skin fresh and dewy looking with a hint of a glow is key for the spring/summer makeup trendsUsing a sheer foundation or BB cream will allow to have that post Facial look. 
Beauty Tip: mix a drop or two of your foundation in with your daily moisturizer to create your own sheer tinted moisturizer, that’s specific to your skin. 
Having a good skincare regime is crucial to keeping your skin flawless and providing you with a healthy complexion. Perfect for this barely there makeup look. This will hit the target for spring/summer makeup trends.

S/S Trend #2:  The Garden of Mauve.

   Even tho we all love a great smokey eye and its a staple this season. I’m quite happy to see Mauve showing off on the runway for Spring/Summer. Different intensities can be used to transition a daytime chic look into a stunning evening oasis. This is an easy way to incorporate some colour into your day to day look for the unltimate spring/summer makeup trends.

S/S Trend #3: The Kiss Of Confidence.

   A personal favourite & a must have in my makeup bag, is a stellar Red for lips. There is something about a women’s confidence that shines when she puts on that bright red. Spring/Summer is about stepping out of your comfort zone and picking up a Rouge, putting it on and embracing the heat! Whether it be a bright poppy, deep scarlet or a crimson red. Pair this with a natural, subtle eye makeup look.

S/S Trend #4:  “The Cats Meow”, Eyeliners.

  Winged tip eyeliner is sticking around for Spring/Summer.  Some may find a full black eyeliner a bit harsh looking for daytime. Try doing your eyeliner starting at the middle of the lash line and continuing to the outer edge. Creating your winged tip at the edge. 
Remember: the longer you extend your Liner, the more dramatic your cat-eye liner will look. Have some fun with colour for your eyeliner as well. Blue hues being a trend for Spring/Summer, try adding a blue liner to brighten your mood.
  With so many inspiring looks this spring, it will be hard to find boredom in the array of colours you will be pleased to find. Whether it’s soft pinks and Mauves or a bright blue hue for your eyes.  Maybe a bit of bronzer with a pop of red on your lips. Just a few of this years Spring & Summer Makeup Trends from Makeup Artistry By Kelly.
Kelly Parker 
Instagram: @mua_by_kelly
Facebook Page: Makeup Artistry By Kelly 

Spring Summer Fashion Trends

Ready for Spring Summer Fashion Trends? In connection to my spring/summer trends 2015 I wanted to feature some fashion to go along with the hair. Now, I do know the basics and the “do nots” about fashion but when it comes to fashion trends I have to guide people to a friend of mine. Kassi Meslo knows the ins and outs along with whats hot for this spring/summer. She has been in the fashion industry for many years and only brings in the best for each season to her boutique. Kassi shares the run down for the people!


The spring summer 2015 runway shows proved that fantasy in a garden full of florals and lace have truly come to life. The look is serene, clean and feminine mean. Chanels show case was something of a modern day Alice In Wonderland meets fairy princess at Dolce and Gabbana. Crocheted caps attached with peakaboo viels and baubles galore.

John Galliano

Spring Summer fashion trends by John Gallianos

John Gallianos first show since 2011 for Maison Martin Margiela turned out black and white, kahki tones and detailed black ensembles. If you are in doubt what pieces to add to this seasons wardrobe look no further than the following: Glamorous jumpers, leg slit long dresses, shirtdresses, anything yellow from amber, canary, saffron to marigold. Gingham, black and white, culotte pants, blue and white combos, kimono type trench coats (as seen above). Pops of lavender, head to toe white (as seen for Roberto Cavalli and Balenciaga) , skin toned fabrics and detailing, obi belts (great for whittling the waist). The spring summer fashion trends also include flats, slides and sneakers paired with dresses are also essentials. One shoulder cuts, roomy denim, and if your daring the fancy apron. This is just to sum up the essentials. Now what are you waiting for? Get shopping!


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